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Salts Mill and allotments

The Club shares historical information through meetings and events, a Facebook page and group, newsletters, publications, this website and the Saltaire village website.

The Club encourages research by assisting researchers, through our research pages, and by highlighting new work in our social media and publications.

The Club supports the Saltaire Collection by depositing new research in the Collection, by encouraging donations, and through the hard work of many who are active both in the Club and in volunteering at the Collection.

The Club defends Saltaire's heritage by paying close and critical attention to developments in Saltaire, and by taking action where necessary.

The pub in Titus Salt's Bradford

Thursday 3 June at 7.00pm using Zoom

Paul Jennings is the author of "The Local: A History Of The English Pub" and "Bradford Pubs" so who better to speak to us about The Pub in Titus Salt's Bradford?

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20th anniversary logoSaltaire: Foundation and Legacy

Celebrate Saltaire World Heritage Site's 20th anniversary
A wonderful free exhibition supported by knowledgable historians.

Across 19 days between 28 May 2021 and 20 June 2021

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Visit other World Heritage Sites

20th anniversary logoIn 2021 Saltaire will celebrate 20 years of being inscribed as a World Heritage site. It did so alongside two other British sites Derwent Valley Mills and New Lanark - that represent Britain's unique industrial history.
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