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Many members pursue research and share their discoveries (and their problems) with others, including at our quarterly meetings, in books, talks and using  resources listed below.

Support for research from the Club


View some of the research on Saltaire carried out and shared by our members

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Research tips

Find your way around historical Saltaire with some useful tips on researching local history

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View a list of websites, books, pamphlets, articles, and other publications that are useful for researching Saltaire

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Image gallery

Browse our growing collection of historical images of Saltaire

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Easy ways to join in research

Saltaire History Club: Facebook Page

The Club’s Facebook page is used to share event information, news and regular posts about Saltaire’s history.

Saltaire History Club: Facebook Group

The Facebook group is a (lightly) moderated forum which aims to encourage wider discussion and share research about Saltaire’s past. Please join us here where you’ll find regular posts often featuring the results of the latest research – and where you can post your own findings or queries.

Send us images of Titus Salt's original features

Contribute to a Club research project that is close to home.

Using Facebook and email we're collecting images of original features from Saltaire houses to document this poorly recorded aspect of the village.

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Other resources

Our list of resources contains many websites, books, pamphlets, articles, and other publications that support the research of the history of Saltaire.
But here are a few websites rich with information on the history of Saltaire:

Saltaire Collection

The Saltaire Collection hosts original source materials, artefacts and historical research materials about Saltaire:

Saltaire Village Website

Contains a wide range of historical research curated and managed on behalf of researchers by the Saltaire Village Website:

Saltaire Journals

The Saltaire Journals present recently-researched papers on several aspects of Saltaire's history, from the almshouses to 'The second Lord of Saltaire'. They are free to download from the Saltaire Village website:

Bradford Council

Bradford Council's website includes information about the world heritage site listing, including the original submission pack: