Help and tips on researching Saltaire

Don't get lost when trying to navigate the wonderful history of Saltaire.

We've got some tips that will help you find your way when conducting historical research.

There's also other support for your research on this website. See our 'Support' links at the bottom of this page.

Get started on Saltaire’s history…

If you want to know about Saltaire’s history, the obvious starting point is work that’s already published. And these days, that means online as well as on paper. To help you, we’ve put a list of resources on this website – and highlighted a limited number.

...and do a bit of research?

Coloured image of Salts Mill
But if you’re already pretty familiar with the village’s past, why not consider doing some historical detective work? It’s called research. In a world with a world-wide web, it’s a good deal less taxing than it used to be. And it can be a lot of fun.

So, you’re amenable to the idea…
  • Step 1: ask yourself “What aspect of Saltaire’s history interests me?”
  • Step 2: focus down on something specific and manageable. If you do, conducting your research will be so much easier.
  • Step 3: define your objectives by establishing the questions that your research will answer.
The nature of these questions will dictate how you proceed. However, as a general rule the next steps will be to kick those questions around with one or two established local historians and to search the web.

Don’t know any historians?

Not a problem. The Saltaire History Club knows them all.

Just email

And we’re not precious so feel free to chat to the Saltaire Collection at

Or our friends at the Saltaire Village website at

Why search the web?

Because Saltaire research usually means looking back no further than 1800 and it’s in the recent past that the web excels.

So enter a number of terms in your favourite search engine and see what comes up. Be flexible, be creative - and when you get a lead, pursue it.

Record your findings

By this point, you’ll be finding stuff out – and it is essential that you record fully and carefully anything you find.

Fully and carefully means (for example) that when you consult a book, you record the author, title, date, whatever material you think important, and the page numbers of that info - and that you double check everything.

Curiously, fully and carefully also means recording those places you explore where you find nothing. It’ll save you time in the long run!

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