What the Club does

Established in 2006, Saltaire History Club tells the story of Saltaire by sharing historical information and by encouraging and supporting research.

The Club shares historical information

A door at the Sir Titus Salt hospital

The Club encourages research

...by offering personal assistance to anyone embarking on a project, through this website's research pages, and by highlighting new work in its social media and publications,

There is regular correspondence between members - by email, face to face and via our Facebook Group, with updates given to the wider membership at our quarterly meetings.

Find out more in our research section.

The Club supports the Saltaire Collection

...by ensuring all new research is deposited in the Collection, through individual donations of artefacts and money, and through the hard work of many people who are active both in the club and as volunteers in the Collection.

For more information, visit the Saltaire Collection website.
Milner Field Farm yard

The Club defends Saltaire's heritage

...by taking every opportunity to tell the wonderful story of Saltaire, by paying close and critical attention to developments in Saltaire, and by taking action where necessary.

When proposals were made to close the still going strong ‘home farm’ of Titus Salt Jnr's Milner Field mansion (built around 1870), Club members were at the forefront of opposition. And we won!

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The Club takes history to the streets, and fields

Alongside the Club’s regular meetings, events are organised, taking Saltaire’s history to the public:
Display boards in Dining Hall tunnel
In 2017, our Saltaire Festival+Heritage Open Days event, showing off the village’s ‘secret tunnels’, attracted almost 2,000 people. It was a triumph – and a disaster… we were not prepared for being so popular!
Visitors viewing display boards at Milner Field Farm
In 2018 we arranged another Saltaire Festival+Heritage Open Day event in partnership with the Saltaire Collection where we gave over 400 people expert-guided tours of the fascinating Milner Field Farm, the model farm attached to the home of Titus Salt Jnr.
In 2019, alongside the Saltaire Collection, we introduced the public to many of Saltaire’s hidden heroes and heroines at a display in the village’s Salt Building, formerly the school and now part of Shipley College. The Saltaire Collection website has an online exhibition based on some of the heroes and heroines.

The Club's quarterly meetings

These meetings are free for anyone to join. They typically include talks relating to Saltaire’s history, news on recent research activity and additions to the Saltaire Collection. Refreshments are served.

Meetings are normally held in the Shipley College Learning & Resource Centre, 2nd Floor, Exhibition Building, Exhibition Road, BD18 3JW.

For information about upcoming meetings, please see our meetings and events page. Information is also available via social media (Facebook and Twitter), our newsletter and posters distributed locally.