Take down policy

When Saltaire History Club adds material to this website we act in good faith. However, we recognise that material may be displayed in breach of copyright laws, contain sensitive personal data, or include content that may be regarded as obscene or defamatory.

If you are concerned that you have found such material on our website, please contact us by email (historyclub@saltairevillage.info) with the following information:

  1. Your contact details.
  2. The details of the material including the full URL of the page displaying the material.
  3. The reason for your request.
When we receive your notification we will do the following:
  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint
  2. We will make an initial assessment of your complaint.
  3. If we accept the complaint as valid then we will temporarily remove the material from the Saltaire History Club website while we fully investigate and resolve the complaint.
  4. Saltaire History Club will inform the depositor of the material that there has been a complaint and of the details of the complaint.
  5. The depositor will have 30 days to resolve the complaint and will be encouraged to do this amicably and to the satisfaction of both complainant and depositor.
  6. If the contributor and the complainant are able to agree a solution then there will be one of the following outcomes:

    - The material is replaced on the website unchanged
    - The material is replaced on the website with changes
    - The material is permanently removed from the website
  7. If the contributor and the complainant are unable to agree a solution, then the material will remain unavailable until resolution is reached.