Club constitution

1. Name and status

  • The group’s name will be the Saltaire History Club.
  • It will act as an unincorporated, not-for-profit association.

2 The purposes of the club

  • The Club’s purposes are•to promote the dissemination of historical information
  • To encourage research relating to Saltaire
  • To support the integrity of the World Heritage Site
  • To support the development of the Saltaire Collection.

3 Membership

  • Membership shall be free of charge
  • Membership will be accorded to anyone signing up for regular contact with the Club.

4 Co-ordinating group (CG)

  • The CG shall consist of the officers and additional members at the discretion of the AGM or the CG itself.
  • The Club shall have the following officers: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.
  • With the exception of these three offices, a general meeting or the CG shall have the power to vary, add and allocate officer posts in the light of circumstances.
  • The CG may appoint associate members to the CG.
  • For a CG meeting to be quorate, at least 3 members of the CG must be present.
  • A record of each CG meeting shall be kept and be made accessible to members.
  • The CG must keep accounts which may be viewed by any member on request.
  • The CG may make reasonable additional rules for the proper conduct and management of the Club.

5 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • An AGM must be held each calendar year.
  • Members must be given at least 14 days’ notice of an AGM.
  • For an AGM to be quorate, at least 8 members must be present.
  • At the AGM, the CG shall present the annual report and accounts and CG elections shall be held.
  • Every member shall have one vote.
  • All CG members will retire at the AGM but may stand for re-election.

6 Funds

  • Funds must be held in the Club’s bank account.
  • All cheques must be signed by an authorised named officer.
  • Club funds cannot be used to pay CG members except to refund legitimate expenses.
  • Club funds and property must only be used for the purposes of the Club.

7 Special General Meeting (SGM)

  • An SGM may be called by the CG.
  • All members must be given 14 days’ notice and told the reason(s) for calling the SGM.

8 Changing the constitution

  • The constitution may only be changed at a general meeting.

9 Winding up

  • The Club may be wound up by a two thirds majority of members present and voting at a Special General Meeting.
  • Any money or property. remaining after payment of debts must be given to an organisation with a similar status and purposes.